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You can find app-iness in many ways

Having a mini-RaceTrac with you all the time means benefits galore. Satisfy your pizza craving by ordering before you step foot in store. Earn RaceTrac Rewards points lickety-split to get awesome offers right on your home screen. Oh, and did we mention there's dark mode? There's so much to explore, so download the app now!


Features you'll love

points icon

Points, Made Simple

Redeem RaceTrac Rewards Points with just one tap. Easy peasy.
mobile icon

Mobile Ordering

Did someone say pizza at your fingertips? Now you can order a pie ahead of time.
fuel icon

Personalized Pricing

We’ll do the math to show any exclusive fuel discounts for you.
stores icon

Favorite Stores

Give a heart to a store, or stores, so directions are always a click away.
How do I get the new app?

Head over to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and search RaceTrac. There you’ll find it, in all its downloadable glory.

Why is the new app better than the old app?

There are a lot of reasons TBH. And some get a little techy. But the main thing is that it’s a better overall experience for you. The new app is more personalized, easier to navigate, and faster. When it comes to your RaceTrac Rewards points, the new app makes it easier to know exactly where you stand. It also makes it easier to redeem points for free stuff. And it also delivers exclusive offers. Did we mention more personalized?

How do I earn points with the new app?

Whether you are in-store or at the pump, earning is easy. Simply scan your Rewards barcode at checkout or use your phone number at the pump and earn away. And even better, points are good for one year after you earn them!

How do I redeem points with the new app?

It’s super simple. Use your points on the free items listed in the Rewards catalog. Keep in mind, that a point is good for one year after earning it.

How do I cash in on my coupons?

This part is really cool. All your coupons are already loaded onto your Rewards Card, so just grab the item and go.

Where the heck is my loyalty barcode?

Touch Scan & Pay on the bottom menu bar, and boom, that rectangle with all those black and white scribbly lines, is all you.

How do I reset my password?

We’ve all been there. If you need to reset your password, it must be 8 characters long and have at least 1 number and 1 symbol for your security. If you’re already logged in, follow this path: Home screen > your account icon in the upper right-hand corner > scroll down to Security Settings > tap Change Password > enter your current password and your new password. If you’re NOT logged in, follow this path: Open the app > tap Already a Member? Log in > tap Forget password > enter your email address > tap Reset password > follow the instructions sent to your email address.

Why be a RaceTrac Loyalty member?

The question should really be why not? This new app takes the RaceTrac Rewards program to another level. With its enhanced personalization, your loyalty experience now centers around what matters most to you. Plus, only members can earn points and redeem them for awesome free stuff, or take part in cool contests and challenges to, you know, earn even more free stuff!

Have more RaceTrac Rewards questions?

Ready, Set, Get App-y

You’re a few clicks away from experiencing true app-iness.


*Loyalty points and discounts are unavailable for mobile ordering at this time.

**Fuel prices listed in the app are subject to change and are not an offer.

Full Terms of Use are located within the app. Promotions shown are intended for representation only.