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Frequently Asked Questions

Does RaceTrac have an ATM?

Yes, all RaceTrac locations have an ATM.

Does RaceTrac have free ATMs?

Balance inquiries via ATM are free at all RaceTrac locations. In our Louisiana and Texas regions, ATM usage is free for all users whose debit cards can be processed via the Allpoint network. In our Florida and Georgia regions, ATM usage is free for all Fifth Third Bank debit cardholders. Otherwise, there is a surcharge on cash withdrawals only. The surcharge amount will vary by store region.

The in-store ATM did not dispense my money, what can I do?

Please contact your financial institution.

The ATM took my card and I’m unable to retrieve it. How do it get it back?

When a transaction times out on an ATM, the ATM will hold the card as a safety precaution to avoid potential fraud. To retrieve your card, you will need to contact your financial institution.

How can I get a receipt for the withdraw/deposit I completed at an ATM?

You will need to contact your bank/financial institution.

There was a fraudulent transaction completed at RaceTrac and I did not authorize it. How can I get a refund?

We apologize for the inconvenience. You will need to seek support from your bank/financial institution to restore your funds.

I have a duplicate charge on my account for a transaction I completed at RaceTrac. How do I get a refund?

Please contact our Guest Engagement team at or 1-888-636-5589.

What is Bonfire?

Bonfire is the RaceTrac Procurement Department’s e-sourcing, contract management, and vendor management portal.

What documents are required for registration?

Your company is required to upload valid copies of your W-9 Form, Sample Invoice, and Sample Certificate of Insurance. Optional uploads include Product Catalog(s), Product Specification(s), Diversity Certificate(s), and any other supporting documents.

What happens after I register?

RaceTrac’s Procurement team will review your company’s profile to see if there are any opportunities for your company to participate in current or future RFPs/RFQs. A team member will reach out if your company’s business scope aligns with a project.

Does my company’s registration guarantee work?

While completing this process does not guarantee future opportunities with RaceTrac, it is a required step to be considered in future projects. In addition, having your company’s information in the Procurement database will provide more opportunities to be identified in future RFPs/RFQs.

Can suppliers send samples?

Only if a supplier is involved in a bid, or otherwise specifically contacted for samples. Suppliers participating in bids will receive the specification(s), location(s), and date(s) for when samples should arrive.

Who do I reach out to for registration or log in concerns?

Please reach out to

Where can I see a list of Requests for Proposals (RFP)to bid on?

Currently, RaceTrac does not post public RFPs. Keep checking back for updates.

What does Vendor Type mean?

Select the services and/or products offered by your company. This will help the Procurement team select the right suppliers to participate in upcoming bids.

If my company does not currently work with RaceTrac, what Certification of Insurance (CoI) should be uploaded?

You can request a sample certificate of liability insurance or proof of insurance to show you have business insurance. For a supplier currently doing business with RaceTrac, you are REQUIRED to upload your most recent CoI.

What diversity classes is RaceTrac interested in?

If one or more of the diversity classifications are selected, you will be required to upload your certification(s). If your company does not qualify for a Diversity classification, please select N/A.

Here is a list of classifications your company can select from:

  • Disabled Business (DBC)
  • Service Disabled Veterans Business (DVC)
  • Veteran Business (VBC)
  • Disadvantaged Business (DBE)
  • Foreign Business (FBC)
  • Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUB)
  • Large Business (LBC)
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT)
  • Minority Owned Business (MBE)
  • 8(A) Small Business (8AS)
  • Small Business (SBC)
  • Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
  • Woman Business (WBE)
  • Woman Owned Minority Business (WOMB)
  • Woman Owned Small Business (WOSBE)
  • N/A
Does RaceTrac have cash back?

No, none of our RaceTrac locations offer cash back.

Which credit cards does RaceTrac accept?

All RaceTrac locations accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, WEX, Voyager, Debit and EBT (EBT not accepted at RaceWay locations). At our RaceTrac Travel Centers and Extended Diesel Offer locations, we accept Comdata, EFS, FleetOne, TCH and T-Check in addition to the options listed above.

Why does RaceTrac place a hold on guest’s accounts?

When using a credit, debit or gift card at the pump, your financial institution may place a monetary hold on your account. This hold is usually released when the completed transaction is received by the bank, but the release of the hold may take several days, depending on your bank’s policy. Please check with your financial institution for more information.

How long does it take for a hold to be released?

This hold is usually released when the completed transaction is received by your bank, but the release of the hold may take several days, depending on your bank’s policy. Please check with your financial institution for more information.

How much can be held when a transaction is completed at the pump?

It is dependent upon your financial institution, but it can be up to $99.

If I prepay inside the RaceTrac location will there be a hold on my account?

If you do not use the entire amount that you prepaid, please allow your financial institution a couple days to release the remaining funds.

What is the RaceTrac Debit Card?

RaceTrac Debit is a secure and simple way to pay at RaceTrac. By linking your checking account to your RaceTrac Debit Card, you’ll have the benefit of paying for your purchase without annual fees or finance charges. Plus, you’ll instantly save on fuel purchases. The RaceTrac Debit Card can only be used at RaceTrac locations.

How do I start a RaceTrac Debit Card account?

Pick up a RaceTrac Debit Card inside any RaceTrac store and follow the instructions on the package or click here to sign up.

How do I use a RaceTrac Debit Account?

Using the RaceTrac Debit Card is easy. Use it the same way you would use any other debit card at the pump. You may also use the RaceTrac Debit Card to pay for purchases in the store.

How do I receive my fuel discount?

Your 7¢ per gallon discount is instantly applied at the pump. Swipe your card, enter your Secure ID and watch the price roll back instantly. Discounts apply to fuel purchases only and will not be applied to in-store merchandise.

How long does it take for the RaceTrac Debit Card account to activate?

Enrollment can occur instantly but also take up to three (3) business days after the enrollment date. If additional information is needed, you will be notified of the activation step and program details through subsequent email messages.

Can I share my account with someone or add another card to my account?

Yes. Simply pick up another card in-store at any RaceTrac location and call Customer Service (800-683-6360) to activate it.

How can I be certain that my information is secure?

The security of your data is very important. The RaceTrac Debit Card is more secure than a credit card or writing a check. You will set up a 4 digit Secure ID (PIN) so that the card can’t be used if lost or stolen. Your enrollment data is kept safe in secured database servers. If you have enrolled in the RaceTrac Debit Card program, the data you have provided is required to verify and link your information to your RaceTrac Debit Card in order to perform transactions. All bank information and Secure IDs are encrypted as soon as your enrollment is submitted.

Why is driver’s license information required to enroll in the payment program?

We want to provide you with a convenient way of paying for gas at a lesser price and also to pay for items inside RaceTrac stores. This is no different than writing a check at the supermarket and being asked to show your driver's license as an ID. The driver's license will be used only to verify your identity as a participant in the program.

Why is the last four digits of my social security number required with enrollment?

When you enroll in the RaceTrac Debit Card program, the last four digits of the social security number are used for identity verification purposes (in addition to the other information you provide during enrollment). The security of your data is very important. Your enrollment data is kept safe in secured database servers. This information is encrypted as soon as your enrollment is submitted.

Why is my email address required to enroll?

You will receive an email receipt for each purchase you make using your RaceTrac Debit Card. Your email address also becomes your login username to the member website where you can manage your payment account information, view your transaction activity and/or change your Secure ID if needed.

I signed up and saw a small deposit and withdrawal in my bank account. What is this?

Your enrolled bank account information must be validated to ensure the correct account number, the account is open, and most importantly that the account belongs to you. This can be done by submitting a small deposit and withdrawal to your bank account. These “challenge” transactions are a test to confirm the validity of the account. The enrolled payment card account is not activated until this bank verification process is completed. You must confirm these penny transactions once they appear in your account. A “verification” email will be sent to you upon enrollment, which explains this activation process.

Is my RaceTrac Debit Card Secure ID (4 digit PIN) the same as my current debit card PIN?

No. The Secure ID that you select can be any 4-digit number you choose and does not have to be the same as your general debit card PIN. It is important to remember your Secure ID in order to use this method of payment.

How do I change my Secure ID (4 digit PIN)?

You may change your Secure ID by logging into the member website or the member link provided on the RaceTrac website . Once you log in, you will need to click on your card/mobile number, then select the “Update My PIN” option. If you forgot your current Secure ID, then click on “Forgot PIN?” and follow the directions to reset or change your Secure ID

What should I do if the magnetic stripe stops working?

It will be necessary to replace your RaceTrac Debit Card if the magnetic stripe does not work. You will need to pick up a new card at any RaceTrac location and call Customer Service (800-683-6360) to add the new card and turn off the damaged card.

What should I do if I lost my card?

You should login to the member website to report your lost/stolen card. This will immediately deactivate the card. You may pick up a new card at any RaceTrac location and call Customer Service (800-683-6360) to have the replacement card added to your account.

Are there any fees to enroll or to use the RaceTrac Debit Card?

RaceTrac does not charge any fees to enroll in the program or use the card.

How can I view my transaction history and update my account details/preferences?

Click here to login to your account.

Are there any limits on my payment account?

Yes, the usage limits on your account are as follows: $100 daily single limit transaction, $150 daily limit, 5 transactions per day, $500 weekly limit, 15 transactions per week

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