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Choose from 3 ways to save.

Save up to 27ยข* per gallon when you use all 3.

RaceTrac Rewards App

RaceTrac Rewards | Save 10¢/gallon

Sign up and start earning points on your purchases. Redeem 175 points to save 10¢/gallon on your next fill up!
RaceTrac Rewards VIP

RaceTrac Rewards VIP | Save 10¢/gallon

Upgrade your RaceTrac Rewards membership to the VIP level for $2.49/month to unlock fuel savings starting at 10c/gallon!
RaceTrac Debit

RaceTrac Rewards + Debit Card | Save 7¢/gallon

Link your RaceTrac Rewards + Debit card to your bank account to save 7¢/gallon every time you swipe at the pump!
Do I have to join all three programs to receive savings?

No. You can pick and choose from our three fuel savings program for what suits your lifestyle. You can sign up for one, two or all three and decide on Whatever gets you going!

How do I save 27 cents per gallon when I fuel up?

To maximize your savings, sign up for RaceTrac Rewards, upgrade your membership to RaceTrac Rewards VIP , and pick up a RaceTrac Debit Card in store and connect it to your bank account. Then, to save 27 cents at the pump: 1. Tap the RaceTrac Fuel Reward tile in your RaceTrac Rewards app to redeem 175 points for 10 cents off 2. Scan your RaceTrac Rewards barcode or enter your RaceTrac Rewards number. a. This will automatically trigger your RaceTrac Rewards VIP 10-cent discount (or 3 cents after your first 40 gallons) 3. Pay with your RaceTrac Debit Card for an additional 7 cents off

*Advertised discount is an aggregate of separate discounts available from three separate programs which are subject to separate limitations, terms and conditions.