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Lots of wheels spinning? Save on fuel spending.

RaceTrac Fleet Fuel Cards make business fueling simple. You can track fuel expenses automatically - and start saving 5ยข a gallon. RaceTrac has two fleet fuel cards to choose from:

RaceTrac Elite Card

The Maximum Savings Card. If you consolidate your business fueling at RaceTrac and RaceWay, this is the fleet card for you.
With rebates up to 5¢ per gallon at over 750 locations plus no setup, annual or card fees—it’s the simplest way for your business to start saving.

RaceTrac Universal Card

For Savings and Extra Flexibility. The card to choose when you need the flexibility to fuel anywhere. It’s accepted at 95% of U.S. gas stations, and you still save up to 3¢/gal at RaceTrac and RaceWay. It’s also accepted at over 45,000 service locations.

Do you want to apply for a RaceTrac Fleet Card?