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Are RaceTrac and RaceWay the same?

No, RaceTrac and RaceWay are not the same. RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. is comprised of two operating divisions: RaceTrac and RaceWay. Family-owned RaceTrac has been serving guests since 1934. Born in 1979, RaceWay is the brand of franchised stores owned by RaceTrac, which gives local entrepreneurs a chance to become franchisees.

Do RaceTrac employees get discounts?

Yes. Our store employees receive a discount of 40% off all RaceTrac branded items while on the clock, once per shift. All RaceTrac team members can receive other types of special discounts through PerkSpot.

Does RaceTrac perform background checks?


How do I get promoted and grow my career with RaceTrac?

At RaceTrac, promotions are based on performance, reliability and results. We do not promote based on seniority and there is no set wait period.

Am I eligible for raises?

Yes! Any part-time associate is eligible for two raises within your first six months with RaceTrac. If you move from part-time to full-time, that will result in a raise. If you are promoted as a full-time team member, you will be awarded a raise, as well.

Is there a pay differential for working overnight?

No, the pay remains the same as day-time team members.

Do you offer benefits?

Yes, RaceTrac offers a variety of competitive benefits for medical, vision, dental and life programs. The benefits offered are dependent on your position and tenure with RaceTrac.

How often do I get paid?

You will receive a paycheck on a weekly basis.

How many hours will I work?

RaceTrac offers flexible schedules to meet your needs as well as the store’s needs. However, you can expect up to 28 hours per week as a part-time team member and up to 38 hours per week as a full-time team member.

Do you offer scholarships or internships for students?

Yes! Scholarships and internships are available. For more information, head to the Corporate section of our Careers page.

What is your dress code?

Team members on duty are required to wear khaki or black pants, your RaceTrac polo (provided upon hire) and comfortable shoes of any color. You will receive more information on your first day of orientation.

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