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RaceTrac Petroleum has become aware that it was impacted by a security incident affecting one of our third-party service providers, Accellion Inc.  By exploiting a previously undetected software vulnerability, unauthorized parties were able to access a subset of RaceTrac data stored in the Accellion File Transfer Service, including email addresses and first names of some of our RaceTrac Rewards Loyalty users.  This incident was limited to the aforementioned Accellion services and did not impact RaceTrac’s corporate network.  The systems used for processing guest credit, debit and RaceTrac Rewards transactions were not impacted.

We have notified law enforcement and are continuing to investigate the incident with Accellion and third-party security partners.  If we discover any compromise to sensitive data of our partners, customers or employees, we will notify them of the impacted records in accordance with applicable law.

We apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused. RaceTrac guests can be assured that we take the security of their personal information seriously. Data theft is pervasive, and, like retailers everywhere, we are continually working with our partners and law enforcement to evaluate and update our security measures to keep guests protected. We want to make shopping with us enjoyable, easy and safe. RaceTrac works closely with our third-party partners to better protect our guests and their personal information.

If you receive unsolicited email requests alleging to be related to this incident, we encourage you to handle them with care and avoid responding or clicking embedded links.

For more information, please contact the Guest Relations team at